MYYTY – Kuusi rivissä

Kehystetty öljyvärimaalaus (50 x 40 cm). 2019.

Svenskt namn: Granar på led (oljefärgsmålning)
English title: Six in a row (oil painting)

The name of this painting is another word play in Finnish, but unfortunately it doesn’t translate well to neither English nor Swedish. The word “kuusi” in Finnish means both the number six and a spruce. I’ll give you an example 🙂 Another word with a double meaning in Finnish is “palaa”, which can mean either “burns” or “returns”. Thus “kuusi palaa” in Finnish could mean “six returns” or “spruce burns”, or “six burns” or “spruce returns” but I guess the two latter ones don’t make a lot of sense :-). Anyway, this painting is a continuation of my play with words and in particular with the word “kuusi”.

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