MYYTY – Mielikin siivouspäivä

Kehystetty öljyvärimaalaus akryyliväritaustalla (40 x 50 cm). 2019.

Svenskt namn: Mielikkis städdag (olje- och akrylfärgsmålning)
English title: Mielikki’s cleaning day (oil and acrylic painting)

Finns have always had a close relationship with the forest. It is the place where many of us Finns go to think and recharge our “batteries”. In Finnish folklore the God of the forest was called Tapio and his wife was called Mielikki. Mielikki was in charge of tidying up in the forest and making the the forest pretty and colorful. And this was something that hunters were supposed to remember to compliment while in the forest, if they wanted their hunt to be successful.

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